If your reading this section of the blog, then I must thank you for coming this far to know a little more about me. I’m no professional competition model maker, nor possess the skills to be one, though if I tried harder, perhaps I could. However my approach to model making is built around fun and the satisfaction of achieving something that’s worthy of a display shelf. Or at least, makes you happy as an accomplishment overall!

I’m a born and bred Singaporean and happily married man to a wife who has supported me through thick and thin! She is my best critic and has made me who I am today. I have 2 daughters who are God’s gift to us, and I treasure their presence everyday of my life! I can’t ask for anything that’s better then a supportive, happy and fun family!

I began plastic model making when I was a kid with my first Airfix blister pack! Back then, my skills were nothing to brag about with blobs of glue and sticky prints all over! Yet, I was happy and enjoyed it! Fast forward to present times, I revisited the hobby once again. Some hobbies come and go, but model making is one that stayed rooted in my head. often causing me to detour to the model kits section of every toy store I visit. I got a kick browsing all the new kits that are available.

It’s even more fun when I build Mecha, Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre type kits! Not only do they appeal to me, they make great display pieces on the shelf and look awesome at the same time! They allow me to experiment with colors, have fun weathering and finishing them, kit bash them, damage them, do whatever I please! The possibilities are endless and this brought about a new wave of excitement for me. I began to rekindle the excitement I had all those years ago. Yup, I still feel like a kid today.

My modelling methods are simple and I work alot with a brush and whatever I can use to achieve satisfying results. Yes, I am lazy. I’d rather get the model up and done instead of working on it for days, weeks, or even months! I don’t aim for such perfection. I hardly airbrush, in fact I don’t and try to work with my limitations to achieve something respectable. Quality of model kits, paints and tools nowadays are affordable and have allowed modelers of any skill level to achieve satisfactory or even great results! Thats my approach and I enjoy it with minimal output and fuss.

So with this blog to document my builds and notes, I wish to share what I do with anyone and everyone who is approaching this hobby for the first time, or even novice modellers who hopefully can benefit from what I have to show and tell. There is nothing really new or innovative from what is already out there, but perhaps there is something I may write about or do, that may bring about ideas and encourage others to proceed forward in their plastic modelling hobby pursuits, and hopefully experience that same fun, satisfaction and freedom that comes with it.

Model making is great fun! And you don’t need a technical kit with a million parts and detail, expensive paints and equipment to experience that. I highly encourage you to try it if your pondering on the thought! Don’t fret about high professional finishing or methods. What you already possess is all you really need to enjoy it! I hope that I can bring this feeling to you through my builds and inspire you to do better!