GK-Rei Ayanami (Evengelion)

Rei Ayanami, is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evengelion franchise. She is the central female character and the pilot of Evengelion Unit-00.

This GK build was simple and fit excellent! With a low parts count, the only difficulty faced was the masking task of her plug suit to separate the colors on it.

The standard process of washing all parts followed by prep work began! As mentioned, the fit was excellent and there wasn’t any need to putty up gaps or holes! The usual mold lines were present and easily removed with the back of a sharp blade or tool. Some details did need sanding attention. Some areas of her hair, fingers, and relief detail needed smoothing out.

I primed the kit in white and applied the skin tones first. After some pastel shading and a matte topcoat, the skin areas were masked and a grey smoke color airbrushed as the base color of her plug suit. The black regions, as well as other smaller detail areas of her suit, were hand-brushed. Similarly, her boots were airbrushed and details hand-painted.

With a low parts count, this kit was easy to prep and I could get on with the painting and completion without much fuss. A really nice GK figure to add to any collection!

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