GK-Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)

Having built plenty of regular plastic models, I did feel a little intimidated initially in approaching this medium and genre. I was affected by the reasons why most shun away from it coupled with the worry of making mistakes and ruining the whole look of an anime figure. It was a challenge and one I too steered away from as well. Eventually, I realized that the model building process was the same as any other model kit, and with a pretty decent foundation from my year’s building model kits, how bad could it be? I won’t know until I try to build one. And so I did!

One thing I did learn from my early research was to choose a GK with a low parts count and a simple paint scheme. My first GK was chosen with these in mind and to help me with the practical hands-on aspect of working with it. And since I build purely for the fun and my own personal display, the achievement pressure is reduced. Noel Vermillion is such a GK and I had a little more confidence from already having built 2 others. I was more relaxed and had fewer expectations.

The usual washing of every piece in a soapy solution, scrubbing with a soft-bristle toothbrush, removes any balance mold release agent that may be present on the resin. Following this, the bulk of the work on a GK begins! Pour Tabs are trimmed away to near the surface of the model with nippers and a sharp blade, finally sanding away the remaining nub with varying grits of sanding sponges and polishing it off. It is important to add, the need for respiratory protection when working with resin as the dust and fumes are toxic! So please be safe!

Pinholes and small knicks were filled with MrHobby white Putty, allowed to dry properly and sanded down. Parts are test fitted for gaps or alignment issues and if any, will be filled with Epoxy Putty or sanded down to reach proper alignment.  Noel was then primed in Badger Stylynrez White which makes for a great base to work on when using bright colors. After priming, I inspected the pieces again for any areas I missed, and if so, lightly sand away with 800grit or putty away pinholes I missed.

Working with an airbrush I sprayed on her base colors of blue, white, yellow, and red using Vallejo Model Color and Vallejo Mecha Colors. Her Gold trim was hand brushed with Citadel Retributor Armor and a layer of Auric Armor Gold.  Metal parts were also painted with Citadel Leadbelcher and layered with Ironbreaker and highlights of Stormhost Silver. Yes, I mix varying methods of painting which I have learned along the way. After all, if it gives you the confidence of a good finish, why do any different?

Flesh Tones were airbrushed on with Vallejo Model Color Salmon Rose and a layer of Vellejo Mecha Color Light Flesh. Post shading was done with pastel chalk powder and some cheap makeup brushes.  A white melamine sponge helps erase any mistakes and pastel powder from raised areas to leave a nice highlighted contrast.  Noel’s outfit and hair were lightly shaded using pastel chalk as well just to give them a little contrast. Her eyes were painted on with Citadel paints and glossed with Citadel Aardcoat. The majority of the parts were finished with MrTopCoat Matte with metallic areas given a coat of Citadel Aardcoat thereafter. She was assembled using 5min epoxy for the chunky parts and gel CA for the small bits.

Overall the GK cast was nicely detailed and had a great fit with minimal prep work, easy to assemble, and work on, as well as paint. This kit is my brightest and most colorful kit in my display and I am pleased with the overall finish and where I have reached thus far on my GK adventures. There are still areas I can improve upon as a modeler, such as, be more patient with my methods, spend more time on application and planning, learn to work better with my limitations, but I guess, it’s all part of the adventure and challenge as a model kit builder. And that is what makes the hobby fun and the rewards worthwhile.

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