1/7 Nero Claudius (Racing Version)

Claudius was my second garage kit figure and foray into the world of resin kits! I was still apprehensive, largely from the fear of screwing up a cute anime character. I knew the prep work wouldn’t be a problem as I had the fundamentals and knew how to apply them. It was questioning my ability to paint it that caused me to doubt myself. Perhaps I was too influenced by my often referencing other builders and awed at their abilities and skill. Eventually, I had to calm myself and accept my limitations, taking a safer route of just painting her the way I knew how to. The worse that could happen, would be a badly painted kit and having to strip all the paint off. Then hiding it somewhere till the mood beckons.

The kit was primed in grey and I began basing the reds for her outfit with an airbrush. The parts that needed to be in a flesh color were separate pieces, so it was easy to paint without any masking. Flesh tones were applied with a base color and then layered with Vallejo Mecha Color Light Skin tone. I played it safe and applied some pastel shading as I have not perfected the airbrush shading method as yet. Her hair was sprayed with yellow and black colored areas, painted in with a brush. Her shield/prop thingy was the difficult bit and took awhile with some creative masking! I primed it in black, gave it a top coat of gloss, and then masked the areas that were to remain black. There were many curves and small cuts of masking tape were used to achieve a well masked curvature. Vallejo Mecha Color Metallic Red was sprayed on and any seepage was taken care of by hand painting with black. Her base was primed in black, masked, and gold sprayed on thereafter. I ended up using the eye decals provided and finished her off with hand painting her belt. The pieces were then glued together with epoxy and CA used on smaller pieces like strands of her hair.

Overall, I am pleased with how she turned out, considering my apprehensions. However, the fear was a good thing, as it cleared my doubts, that I could do it, as long as I understand my limitations and work accordingly. Eventually, I will have to risk it, as it’s the only way to improve if I don’t try. Perhaps one day, the opportunity will present itself, and I will gladly take that chance, no holds barred! For now, Claudius sits in my display as another benchmark in my model making adventure.

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