MA.K SAFS Prowler

I came across the line of model kits from the Maschinen Krieger property some time back and was taken in awe of the design and look of them! They had a very sci-fi Steam Punk like feel with a WW2 like appearance to them! Further research online proved even more tempting, as many modelers have so many ways to build and paint them! It looked like FUN, and that was what I was aiming for!

I will admit that the Ma.K kits, both from Hasegawa and Wave, were pricey so I had to choose wisely as budget was a little tight. I got the Prowler as the one-manned suit like mecha thingy looked cute and cool! The build went together pretty smoothly and well as parts fit was decent. A little niggle on the pipes of the back pack being lined up with holes you had to drill in yourself into the body of the suit. I kept the build in sub-assemblies and started to add some wear and tear before painting by hitting the surface with MrSurfacer, forming a rough like surface to the suit. 2 part epoxy putty was used to create weld seams along some joints. The kit comes with rubber like hoses and these were affixed with CA and held in place till they dry. I didn’t have a color scheme in mind and just kinda winged it! The assemblies were primed in grey with a rattle can when dry, I began hand brushing the base colors using Citadel paints. The pilots face was painted with Citadel paints and washes. I wanted the kit to look used, but not over the top weathered. Weathering was done with my collection of AK Interactive enamels after a gloss top coat was applied to seal all that acrylic work in. The usual grime, streaks and rust were added and manipulated with enamel thinner. Chipping was done with a sponge and fine tip brush.

Overall, this was a very FUN build as I didn’t have to fuss too much with it and took the straight forward approach of build, prime, paint and weather. Hand brushing gives you freedom and you don’t have to worry too much about brush strokes or imperfections as they will be covered with weathering. This is one of those kits that I enjoyed painting with no inhibitions. Just taking what I know I can accomplish and applying them onto the model. For sure I will grab more Ma.K kits, but will need to choose wisely due to costs. However, the enjoyment of finishing it like this, can sometimes outweigh the cost!

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