Bandai Haro Diva Red

OK! I couldn’t resist the cuteness of this! So much so that I grabbed 2. This Diva Red and the Shooting Orange.

These little kts, like the SD Gundams and Petite Bearguy kits, provide me with a diversion when things don’t go as planned on a major build. When things get confusing and too much to take, I step away and grab one of these kits or the SD Gundam, some Gundam markers and just have fun getting back to basics! Believe me, its therapeutic and a welcome distraction.

The only funny thing about this Haro kit was it had a detailed interior and you are supposed to build it closed into a ball. The panels for the arms and the ball halves can be removed, but on display, its a hassle for me to remove, put back, remove, put back, rinse and repeat. sigh**
So, I painted the innards with Citadel’s Leadbelcher, a wash with Nuln oil and dry brushed with Necron Compound. Some accents with a copper color, gun metal and black for the eyes. Panel lines and the tube arms were done with a Gundam Panel Line Marker. I ended up glueing the front half of the Haro to it’s side so I could display it always open. I’ll probably work on a display stage with the Box Art in the background as a visual of it in it’s rounded cuteness! Like the Petite Bearguy, they come with similar jigsaw like display bases so you can connect them all!

Once again, a quick and fun build for sure! They offer you a chance to be super simple and one could even finish them with the Gundam Paint Markers. Or, just go to town with metallic markers! Just have fun which these kits allow you to do so! They are affordable and great fun to experiment.

Here are a few pics of the Diva in Red! Hope you like them. Cheers!

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