A humble beginning and a leap forward!

After much advise and encouragement from friends and fellow modellers, I finally decided to take that leap forward and create this blog for documenting my builds and to share my methods and approach to a very fun and satisfying hobby. Model making may not be for all and can get pretty costly if you over-do or over think trying to go beyond your limits. My approach to model making can be simple or sometimes a little elaborate, but never over the top.

Hence the choice to work in the Mecha Model genre which allows for experimentation, design, customize paint schemes and to just have fun with it! I will also divert to sci-fi and a little Warhammer kits when the pocket allows me too. My aim is to have good looking models to display and to help encourage newcomers to the hobby. I hope to meet other modellers and learn from them as well!

I have also created a facebook page for latest updates, announcements and for things that don’t need to be blogged. ‘ Tales from the Workbench – Mecha Model Making ‘ and you can find it Here. I hope I can be of inspiration and encouragement to the modellers and everyone with my approach.

I look forward to everyone’s support and advise as I slowly but surely get this Blog page running smoothly and to a format I am comfortable with. Thank you to all in advance! Cheers!


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