Megami Device – Asra Archer

This is my very first Kotobukiya kit! I’ve been watching tons of videos on the Frame Arms Girl range and was putting off giving one of them a go. Not till I saw this at the hobby store shelves! She looked wicked and cool at the same time! This kit is the Megami Device range of characters and they have several. I love fantasy female archers, and I love mecha females…so this was an obvious choice!

The kit had tons of small parts!! Plastic felt different then those molded from Bandai, then again maybe it’s me, after being spoilt with so much Gunpla! So, challenge on!
I took the safe route on this kit and didn’t plan for anything special as it was all new to me. There was need for some seam line removal especially around the torso area. Being exposed skin, having a seam line is so….wrong! Some parts that help with articulation felt a little weak being so small in size. I can understand the reason for making them that tiny, but I was worried I would break them during assembly! Thankfully all went well without a glitch or hiccup.
I used Tamiya Weathering Master pastels a little on the hair for that pinkish tint. The face was stock. Brush painting was done on the gold bits as they came in this yellow gold plastic which I never personally liked! Citadel’s Retributor Armor to the rescue!!
The skin parts were given a Matte coat while the armor bits Gloss. Some minor panel lining here and there. I used Citadel’s Ceramite White on the sword like blades of the bow. As we all know, painting white on plastic models is a pain! A pain!! However, after a little primer or top coat and some thin coats of Ceramite White, it dried to a perfect finish! Gotta love Citadel paints!
I don’t like the stand as it’s flimsy and cumbersome and will one day rig one from scratch with left over sprue. For now, I’m pleased with the way it turned out and understood more of a Kotobukiya kit.
I have since, gotten my hands on a Frame Arms Girl Stylet which is in storage as another go at a Kotobukiya kit! Side note, parts are done differently.

So another simple and in fact safe approach to finishing the Megami Device Asra Archer from Kotobukiya. I like the build, thouugh tiny for my grubby paws and old man eyes. She looks good when finished and even if not painted, makes a nice piece to add to your display! Nothing beats a kick-ass Mecha ‘chick’ sitting in your display cabinet, especially with a large killer looking Bow!

Here are the pics and hope you enjoy them! Cheers!

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  1. Hi! She looks lovely! I just bought my first own one and I’m trying to figure out how to approach it. I bet I’m a lot less experienced than you 🙂 I like the idea of different varnishes on the armor and skin. Did you spray that on still on the sprue or did you clip off the parts first?
    And the hair, did you use the tamiya weathering before or after the varnish?
    I hope you find time for my questions, I’m looking forward to get started!
    Kind regards
    Kim W.

    1. Hi Kim! Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your kind words and honestly, I pretty much used methods I was comfortable with from my experience with plastic modeling. For the varnish/top-coat of the parts, I pretty much built her up and top-coated them seprately. Armor parts were sprayed with a Gloss and skin with Matte. I use primarily Mr Super Clear rattle Cans. Sometimes, I have to top-coat parts before assembly, in this case, off the sprue and denubbed, painted and whatever. I normally do this for parts that will be joined with something else that may require a different top coat.
      For the hair, I use Tamiya Weathering Pastels in a Salmon Pink I think. Applied with a thin brush and blended away with a cheap make up brush. I then used a Melamime Sponge (the white one) and erased the raised detail of the hair. Melamime sponges are pretty neat to remove appplied pastel powders! When all is done, I srpay Top Coat from a distance. Sometimes the pastels get soaked up by the top coat so often, you may have to apply a little more pastel to darken the shade a little. Hope that helps! And please feel free to ask anything! I will do my best to reply as soon as possible! Look forward to your build and start on the project! Cheers!



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