Mega Size 1/48 Unicorn Gundam – Destroy Mode

Mega Size Gundam! What could be better then that! Full out ‘Awesomeness’!!

I seized upon this kit when it went on sale at a local toy store and couldn’t resist! It’s a HG supersized! Big chunky parts with alot of molded detail and a panel lining fantasy! Deciding how to approach the build came with some restrictions. Being so huge, I had to build each section one at a time due to a lack of space. I could have opted for a more stylized finish, but decided to take my simple approach to model making, and went with brushes and some weathering instead.

The mechanical parts that represented the inner frame was painted with Tamiya Gun Metal brushed on. Panel lining was done with Tamiya Accent Line color, followed by dry brushing with Tamiya silver. Some parts were given a copper color treatment for accents. They were then gloss varnished with Mr Color Super Clear.
The white armor was given a panel line wash with the same Tamiya Accent Color and then the wet transfer decals applied. The kit comes with tons, and in hindsight, I should have used more…ah well. They were then individually shaded using Tamiya Weathering Master pastels in a dark grey shade with a soft eraser on standby for screw ups. Mind you, there were many. If there was a mistake, I could just rub it away and restart. Oh yes, and use gloves! I put on a pair of disposable latex gloves so I don’t leave grubby prints as well as screw up my hard work. I added shades as well as streaks with the applicator, alternating with a small brush and cotton buds. This was the single most time consuming moment of the entire build, and, working section by section meant, I couldn’t loose my train of thought or else I may end up with a model with shades and streaks in opposing directions!
The beam rifle and jet nozzles were all brushed painted and chipping effect done with a tiny brush and silver paint as well as dry brushed. The backpack was left blue with a little dry brushing using a light grey paint.

Overall, it was a fun build though space constraining and slow. But I am pleased with the simple approach I took and in hindsight (as always), could have added more. Maybe one day I will tackle it again with another Mega Size?……..well……not for some time though…haha!

Here are some pics of the completed Unicorn Gundam. I hope you like the way I finished it in my simple way! Cheers!


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