Bandai Pacific Rim – HG 1/144 Gypsy Avenger

This was an impulse buy! Happened to head to the local hobby shop to stock up on paints and top coats, and committed the sin of all model makers,…buying another kit to store. HAHA!
Well I did have the LED unit for it in storage which was given to me by a friend, and this kit can use it! What better way to try that out? That was the excuse anyway, feeble as such.

I did wish Bandai would have done the Jeager’s from the first Pacific Rim as they were ‘Kick-ass’ especially the Russian Cherno Alpha Jeager. That would make a beautiful kit to build and weather! Bandai…I hope you are reading this…hehe.

So settling for the Gypsy Avenger, I took my same simple approach to finishing the kit. After everything was de-sprued and de-nubbed, inner frame parts were painted with Gun Metal and given a wash of Citadel’s Nuln Oil to get some streaks. They were then dry brushed with Citadel’s Necron Compound. The blue armor bits were Panel line washed with Tamiya Accent Color, stickers applied (yup HG kit stickers) and dry brushed with Necron Compound as well. Chipping was also done with Necron Compound applied with a small detail brush. I took a more extravagant dry brushing ritual with this kit to give it that battle worn, damage, scratched weathered look. I’m pleased with the way it turned out. There were the usual seam line culprits on shoulders and head, which I forgot to remove..duh! Got too caught up with wanting to finish the model. The LED looks cool when turned on for sure, but removed as it would be on display and I don’t think anyone would want to leave it on forever? That and getting the back piece out just to access the LED switch isn’t a task without some fussing and possible swearing!
I ended up trimming down the pins and enlarging the holes and stuffed some blue-tack to hold it all together, while being easy to remove when needed to impress your friends when they come over…hehe!

Overall, another easy and fun build that reeks Bandai quality and fit for a HG. Gypsy Avenger has nice molded detail to weather and fuss with. A good kit!

Here are the pics of the completed Gypsy Avenger! Hope you like them! Cheers

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